I don’t belong

[ ♫ ]
[The song I really wanted to share is blocked in Italy, so if you’re not in Italy, look up for Haelos – Full Circle]

Hat — ‘…’ by Burley / Taketomi [edited]
Hair — ‘Elle’ by little bones.
Cardigan — ‘Today’s Stole & Cardi’ by =b.b.s=
Scarf — ‘ Legand Scarf CP1’ by **RE**

Take the pleasure, take the pain… I’m the master of both.

Take the pleasure, take the pain. I'm the master of both.

Sometimes I find songs that connect me with my soul. This is one of the two that I would listen to all day long.
[ ♫ ]

Hair — ‘Jasmine’ by /Wasabi Pills/
Coat — ‘CoatOverShoulders’ by *COCO* [retouched]
Turtleneck — ‘Ernst sweater’ by [Deadwool]
Jeans — ‘Broberry jeans’ by [Deadwool]