Make a wish…

[ ♫ ]

Hair — ‘NO Again’ by No Match
Scarf — ‘Blancket Scarf’ by ::K::
Drum — ‘The Witching Hour’ by MadPea @ Season of the Witch
Pants — ‘Pleated pants’ by Deadwool


I’ve heard enough to leave no doubt…



Hat — ‘Fedora’ by Deadwool
Hair — ‘Cinnamon’ by Truth
Pipe — ‘Norman’ by Kunst
Tux Add-on — ‘Peak’ by Deadwool
Coat — ‘Oscar’ by Deadwool
Pants — ‘Everyday Attire’ by Pumpkin
Cane — ‘Mustang’ by Random Matter

Chic Business




Hikaru is wearing…
HAIR: YUTH – Ashly Hairbase (Dark Brown)
COAT: [Deadwool] Oscar coat (Black)
JACKET: [Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) – jacket – (for coat Green)
PANTS: [Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) – trousers (dandy length) – (Green)
BELT: [Deadwool] Peak suit – belt – (Mahogany)
CLIP: [Deadwool] Peak suit – Clip add-on

Lambert is wearing…

Hair by Unorthodox (Comeback)
Ring by [kunst] (Magnus)
Red journal by .Shi
Jacket on shoulder by Gabriel
Suit by Deadwool (tartan)
Shades by .Shi