Rules are still the same…

Hair — ‘TOM245’ by booN
Choker — ‘Sexpensive set’ by Titzuki
Cigarette — ‘Cigarette & holder’ by Kunst
Bralet — ‘Queen’ (The Arcade) by David Heather
Gloves — ‘Bento Gloves’ (Signature Event) by Gabriel
Briefs — ‘Male Thong’ by Noche
Heels — ‘Eir Heels’ by BTTB

Devil’s got a cut…


Hair — ‘Hair26M’ by Iruco
Mesh Eyeliner — ‘Portent’ by Zibska
Strap Choker — ‘Sexpensive’ by Titzuki
Pants — ‘Weekend’ by BTTB
Body Accessory — ‘Upper (part of Galliard Outfit)’ by Zibska

There’s a scream inside…


Hair — ‘Ivy’ by Tableau Vivant
Coat — ‘Zira’ by Ryvolter
Necklace — ‘Knot Necklace’ by Titzuki
Mesh eyeliner — ‘Serious Eyeliner’ by Boudoir
Mouth Accessory — ‘Opulence’ by Titzuki
Tattoo — ‘Evelina’ by .Absence.
Eyebrow Piercing — ‘#9’ by Kunst
Eyebrow Jewels — ‘Heike Uomo Brow’ by Zibska