Mind Mischief

Hairbase — ‘Classic’ by The Mesh Project
Hair — ‘Tom’ by Amacci
Shades — ‘Seong’ by La Morte
Nose Chain — ‘Agda’ by Kibitz
Pipe — ‘Norman’ by [Kunst]
Jacket — ‘One Shoulder Military’ by Gabriel @Epiphany
Vest — ‘Kichi’ by F.A.T.
Pants — ‘Quazar’ by E-Clipse D.
Ring — ‘People Mood Ring’ by MadPea Productions
Tattoo — ‘Owl Tattoo’ by **UrbanStreet**


Odds of Even



Hair — ‘Taryn’ by Maitreya
Nose Chain — ‘Agda’ by Kibitz
Top — ‘My Warmer Muffler’ by Monso
Pants — ‘Tight Harem’ by Gild
Pendulum — ‘MadPea Mystery Phychic Gacha’ by MadPea
Pose — ‘Angel VS 13’ by XPOSE

I’ve heard enough to leave no doubt…



Hat — ‘Fedora’ by Deadwool
Hair — ‘Cinnamon’ by Truth
Pipe — ‘Norman’ by Kunst
Tux Add-on — ‘Peak’ by Deadwool
Coat — ‘Oscar’ by Deadwool
Pants — ‘Everyday Attire’ by Pumpkin
Cane — ‘Mustang’ by Random Matter