Rules are still the same…

Hair — ‘TOM245’ by booN
Choker — ‘Sexpensive set’ by Titzuki
Cigarette — ‘Cigarette & holder’ by Kunst
Bralet — ‘Queen’ (The Arcade) by David Heather
Gloves — ‘Bento Gloves’ (Signature Event) by Gabriel
Briefs — ‘Male Thong’ by Noche
Heels — ‘Eir Heels’ by BTTB

Frankenstein would want your mind…




Hair — ‘Elle’ by Little Bones

Headdress — ‘Raya’ by Lybra — Silver

Corset, Undies / Stockings — ‘Victim Brother’ by Titzuki

Nails — ‘Bijou’ by Titzuki

Heels — ‘Eir’ by Boys To The Bone