I have a feeling deep down…

Hair — ‘Prove it’ by Lamb.
T-Shirt — ‘Russ Top’ by Underground
Jeans — ‘Ever Trousers’ by David Heather
Whiskey Prop — ‘Night Owl’ by FOXCITY. (edited hands)


Rules are still the same…

Hair — ‘TOM245’ by booN
Choker — ‘Sexpensive set’ by Titzuki
Cigarette — ‘Cigarette & holder’ by Kunst
Bralet — ‘Queen’ (The Arcade) by David Heather
Gloves — ‘Bento Gloves’ (Signature Event) by Gabriel
Briefs — ‘Male Thong’ by Noche
Heels — ‘Eir Heels’ by BTTB